/ ō-lim / adv. formerly, in former times, once, yesteryear, aforetime, Once Upon a Time

While commuting to and from design school in San Francisco on BART and MUNI I would sit for accumulated hours staring at faces and taking in often harsh, melancholic and regularly, jovial scenes. In order to improve my draftsmanship skills I attempted to draw these moments.

As my pen traced these figures, their interior lives unfolded before me just as they were doubled onto my paper, and a feeling so rich yet intangible began to leap forth. So, I became addicted to their representation and the surfaces upon which I captured them.


Born was a need for a compact sketchbook, reliably covered, and like a grandfather's wallet, it would become more dense upon use. After all, these scratches are a record of my life and ideas - I intend for my children to pour over them one day.

It became paramount that the paper was thick, smooth, and dynamically compatible with a range of mediums. The binding demanded durability and was made to lay flat.

As they are made to be physically durable they are also made to be behaviorally reliable, empathetic to the reality that in order to draw or write you'll need a pen near at hand.


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